A Personal Encounter

He said unto them, But whom say ye that I am? Peter answering said, The Christ of God.
— Luke 9:20

Jesus first asked His disciples what other people were saying about Him. Some were saying that He was Elias, or John the Baptist, or a prophet of old risen. 

Who do you say Jesus is? 

Peter was having a personal experience with Jesus and recognized Him as the Son of God. We cannot know who Jesus really is from someone else's experience. We have to personally seek and see the Savior. We must have a personal walk with Him.

Peter recognized Jesus's holiness and anointing. 

We need that kind of encounter with Jesus. By studying His Word and His life, praying for spiritual understanding, we too can encounter Jesus like the disciples who were with Him.

If you are only experiencing Jesus through a third party, you are likely missing Who He really is. Jesus is a personal Savior who wants us to cultivate a unique relationship with each and every one of us.  

Each of the four gospel accounts records Jesus in complementary but slightly different ways. Each disciple has brought their personal observations based on their lives, personalities, and past experiences. 

We too can experience Jesus as our Savior. Not making Him into something He is not to align with a picture of Him that we have in our mind, but to experience Him in our hearts in such a way that we know He cares. He cares about me, as an individual, as His child. He comes to my level and works with me in the way that I need. Because He loves me that much. 

So, when someone asks who is Jesus, I may give a personal testimony of how He has changed my life. How He lives in MY heart. 

To Ponder:

Is my experience with Jesus distant or personal? If the former, how can I experience Him closer?


Lord Jesus, 

I don't want to believe in You because I think I should, or because my church says to, or because my parents taught me to. I want a personal, living, encounter with You. I want to see You as MY Savior. I want to grasp the significance of what You did on the cross for me

Draw close to me. I open my heart to You. Reveal Yourself to me. 


Lori HilComment