Be Courageous For I Go With You

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.
— Joshua 1:9

There is rational fear that is good for us. It helps us know not to touch a stove when it is hot. But, many of our fears are not healthy. The ones that tell us that we cannot be, do or have what God has promised. Those kinds of fears stem from a lack of faith and give the enemy far too much power. 

God promises to be with His children wherever they go. How He manages the universe and watches over each one of us, I do not know. But, He does. He is God. 

Moses had died and God instructed Joshua to take over leading the people of Isreal. He had quite the shoes to fill. Moses who personally saw God write the 10 commandments with His hand. Moses who was so bold to speak directly to God about how He was dealing with His people. 

Joshua was given this position because of his faith and faithfulness. If we back up in the Bible a bit we see that he was 1 of 2, out of the twelve, that believed God could give them the land of Canaan. 12 were sent out and only Caleb and Joshua believed God's promise that they could have their promised land.

Do you have the courage to conquer your promised land?

Our promised land today is a victorious spiritual life through Christ. No matter what area of your life you are working on, whatever areas of your mind and heart hold scary giants, God says, I Am With You. 

God wants your life to "work." He wants you to have your promised land where His promises are personally fulfilled in your life. Will you be courageous and stand up and take it?

To Ponder:

Am I living defeated circling the land that God has promised too afraid to take it?


Heavenly Father, 

I want the land You have promised me. The victorious life through Your Son Jesus. The devil has been defeated. Let me rise up and claim what You have promised. Let me take back what is mine. I want to live in victory. 

Thank You for being with me always.