Life Where Jesus Is

And when he was come in, he saith unto them, Why make ye this ado, and weep? the damsel is not dead, but sleepeth.
— Mark 5:39

Mark tells us that when Jesus makes this statement that "they laughed him to scorn." The people knew the damsel was dead. But, here is the thing...Jesus is not bound by our limitations. 

When all hope appears lost, He steps in with a miracle. 

Jesus had been on His way to heal this child when he stopped to acknowledge a woman's faith who also needed healing. It would seem like this delay caused a tragedy. Now the girl is dead. But, what appears to be a setback, even complete hopelessness, and failure, can be a set up for Jesus. 

Notice what Mark says Jesus does when they laughed,

"But when he had put them all out"

They laughed because they could not see what Jesus could see. Only if we had His eyes.

Jesus was about to perform a miracle. He removed those who were unbelieving from the room. He entered where the girl was lying and told the damsel "Talithacumi," arise. 

The King James Version tells us in verse 42, "And straightway the damsel arose."

From death to life. The power of belief. 

No situation is hopeless in the presence of Jesus. 

No matter what seems dead in your life, Jesus can bring life to it. Surround yourself with believers and put your faith in Him. Arise. 

To Ponder:

Is there something that seems dead and hopeless in my life? Do I have the faith to stay in the room with Jesus and allow Him to work?


Lord Jesus, 

You are the performer of miracles and I know that there is nothing in my life that cannot be restored and resurrected and transformed by You. I want to have the faith that I can stand in the room with You and watch You work. Help me see as You see. I lean on You as my ever present Restorer. Thank You.  


Lori HilComment