Something To Be Born

Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? saith the LORD: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb? saith thy God.
— Isaiah 66:9

God promises that we will not go through the pains of our labor without something new being born. 

God is a God of restoration. Always working to heal. His Word goes out and does not return void. He can turn what seems like chaos and distress into something beautiful. Sometimes people who have been through the most hardships come out with the most caring and empathetic hearts. 

They know what lack of love feels like so they love deeper. They know what sorrow feels like so they act with more understanding. God has worked trials into triumph and compassion. 

God's love and mercy are often reflected most from the hearts who have hurt the most. Jesus took on all the pain and the sin of the world and loved through it. And God used that to save the world. 

If He has set a dream in your heart or given you a promise that has not yet been fulfilled, be patient and cling to hope. Seek the lessons that God is teaching through the waiting periods. He has not brought you thus far to leave you now. He will not shut the door on your dreams without greater ones in store for you. 

Our God is not One of abandonment but of completion. 

To Ponder:

Have I ever experienced a crushed dream and later realized God had something far better? He can do it again and again. 


Heavenly Father, 

When my heart is broken and dreams seem crushed or things do not go according to my plans, please remind me that you have something better for me. Help me be patient and trust You completely. Help me to let go of failed plans so my heart and spirit may be open for better to come. 

Reveal Your heart to me that I will always know you have my best interests in mind. Thank You to the God who gives and takes away on my behalf. For the failed plans that turned into something far more beautiful. 


Lori HilComment