That All May Know

That all the people of the earth may know that the Lord is God, and that there is none else.
— 1 Kings 8:60

King Solomon was praying before the Lord and speaking to Israel as he dedicated God's new house. He asked that God be with them and incline their hearts to Him and forgive them when they fail. 

He also asked for God to maintain the cause of His people that all the people of the earth may know that He is God. 

When we live lives that are pleasing to God, He can work in us. Not only is this a blessing to ourselves and our families, but it glorifies Him. Others should be able to see that there is something different in our lives. That our God is Lord and there is none other. 

The last verse of this chapter says that the people went to their tents joyful for the goodness of the Lord. This house dedicated to God had been a long time coming. After a long season in the wilderness and then great wars and unrest with Solomon's father David as King. But God had brought His people full circle. 

Unfortunately, we know this is not the end of the story. King Solomon would go on to fail God greatly and so would His people Israel once again. We can make a different choice and bask continually in the goodness of the Lord. And when we do fail Him, come humbly before Him seeking forgiveness and work harder to stay in harmony with His will. 

For He is God alone and there is none like him. 

To Ponder:

Can others see that I serve the God above all else?


Father God, 

Strengthen my faith that I may live as a powerful example of love and greatness. So others may see that there is none other to serve but You. Incline my heart to You that I may walk in Your ways and keep Your commandments. Your will be done in my life. 

May the words I speak and the things I do bring glory to You. 

In Jesus' name amen.

Lori HilComment