The Creator Of The Universe Offers His Hand

For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.
— Isaiah 41:13

Our Helper.

Fear and anxiety are not of God for the Bible says do not fear 365 times. At least once for every day of the year.  But, when the spirit of fear and anxiety do come we have a helper to hold our hand. We can boldly tell it to leave because our God has promised, I will help you.

A loving heart is a helping heart. 

We can learn from God to be good helpers. To look around us and see the needs of others. To give encouragement and offer a hand. God sends others to us in times of need. God knew that we would need our fellow human beings for help, love, and support. He created a "help meet" for Adam.

However, we must remember that Eve led Adam astray. 

There is no perfect helper for us but the One From Above. Even with good intentions our friends and loved ones can let us down. We must forgive them because we too let others down.

But God never will. We can also go to Him for help and He will be there to hold our hand.

He is there when we are surrounded by friends and there when we have none. There when we are joyful to celebrate with us. And, there to collect our tears in a bottle (Psalm 56:8) when we are sorrowful until the day Revelation 21:4 speaks of when He can wipe them all away.

Always a helper to take our hand, never changing.

Never forget you have the Ultimate Helper. Give Him your hand. Fear not.

To Ponder:

Do I go to the phone before the throne?

It's ok to want to talk and share with our human friends, but let us not forget our Heavenly Friend. He is the One that has the power to change our circumstances and He is offering us His hand.


Heavenly Father, 

    I know that sometimes You allow me to feel lonely so that I will come to You. So that I will not forget that You are the One that is my Perfect Helper in times of need. Forgive me for when I neglect You. As with any relationship, we need time together to talk and share. 

Send Your Holy Spirit to remind me throughout this day that You are my Helper waiting to hear from me. And Father, when I am afraid, remind me to reach out to You for strength and courage. Surround me with Your love and angels of protection as I wait for the day when You will wipe all my tears away and embrace me in Your loving arms. 

Teach me to be a helper to others. Humble and kind.