The glory of the LORD is Risen

Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.
— Isaiah 60:1

Some mornings you wake up and there is not much rising and shining happening. 

Maybe you wake up with physical aches and pains. Maybe as soon as your eyes open tears again stream down that started the night before. Maybe you're hurting inside or outside...maybe both. 

Maybe your heart aches so deeply that you feel the pain physically in your chest. And maybe nobody knows or notices or seems to care. But, there is somebody who knows. God knows. Not only does He know but He cares more deeply than you could ever grasp or understand. He is your Creator and knows you more intimately than anyone else ever could or ever can.

He is the light that shines even when darkness seems to be all consuming. 

In chapter 60 of Isaiah God promises to shine His light upon His church. Within that, He promises to shine His light for us individually too. He is a personal God, not far away, but so close.

If we can gather the courage to hand over our hurts and burdens to Him, He can shine through us no matter what we are going through. We can fall, spirits crushed, at His feet and then arise with His strength and peace. He is saying to You today, "Hand it over." Whatever is weighing you down. It's time rise and shine. 

To Ponder:

What am I holding on today that I could let God have? What is weighing me down that is keeping me from rising?


Father God, 

I give you my stress, my pain both physical and emotional, all my hurts, and everything that is weighing me down today. I lay all the burdens at your feet. I want to arise and shine for You. May the Glory of the Lord be upon me. May I stop being my own worst enemy carrying around things that I was never meant to bear. I release it all to You. 

Raise me up. In Jesus' name amen. 

Lori HilComment