The Translator Of Our Prayers

Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.
— Romans 8:26

Sometimes a relationship needs help from a third party. A counselor and mentor who can see the big picture and help the first two parties communicate. 

We have a third party helper in our relationship with God The Father and God The Son. That helper is the Holy Spirit. 

Our very best efforts to communicate with God are humble at best. We fall short at translating what is in our hearts and expressing those thoughts and feelings to God. But, Romans tells us that the Spirit makes intercession for us. The Holy Spirit takes our humble efforts in prayer and translates those for us that they are worthy to be heard by King God. 

The very Spirit of God joins us in our prayers to help us communicate. 

When we don't know what to say or our souls are too weary or we are so overwhelmed with all the feels in our hearts, we can pray for the Spirit to intercede on our behalf.

We must do our part and pray, in order to receive help in communication, but we can rest assured that we have a helper to teach us, strengthen us, and translate the intentions of our hearts to meet the throne of God. 

To Ponder:

Do I sometimes avoid prayer because I feel lost and do not know what to say? 

Just begin and pray for the Holy Spirit to intercede on your behalf. 


    Heavenly Father,

I come humbly before You and sometimes do not know what to say for You are Holy. My efforts feel so insufficient. But, You have provided a helper and mentor to be with me. You have promised, in Luke 11:13, that you will give Your Holy Spirit to any who ask. Thank You for sending Your Spirit Father to teach me how to pray, to intercede for me, and to mentor me.

Father, lead me by Your Spirit. May Your Spirit dwell in me that I will be spiritually not carnally minded and walk in Your ways all the days of my life.


FebruaryLori HilComment